1. Proposal for creation of a group of optical designers


Optics is an important branch of physics and so there are many researchers working in this area. Any optics experiment always passes by the optical design phase which consists firstly of identification of needed equipments for a given experiment. These equipments are generally lenses, mirrors, optical filters, monochromators, detectors etc. To design the best experimental setup for the experiment, the software for ray tracing are used. These software are used to design and analyze any optical systems such as photographic camera lenses, telescopes, microscopes etc, modeling the propagation of rays through an optical system and the effects produced by these rays on any optical element such as lens simple and aspherical mirrors, and diffractive optical elements. The most commons software used in optical projects are Zemax, Oslo, Code V, TracePro, LensView, AutoOptics, Lens, Synopsys and etc. Different researchers use different programs. All these programs are similar and different at the same time having advantages and disadvantages.

People who work with optics are widely dispersed throughout the country, so it was thought to create a nucleus where people could exchange information and experiences. The best way to join these people is to create a virtual machine containing the main optical software where people could remotely run these programs and realize their projects.

Needs for a group of optical designers:

With the recent entrance of public research institutions in the State of São Paulo as partners in the Giant Magellan Telescope project financed by FAPESP (2011/51680-6) (, arises in IAG (Astronomy and Geophysics Institute of USP) and IF (USP Physics Institute) the demand for the formation of a group of optical designers able to give a support to the this project.

This group should be composed of two types of members who are permanent, which can be anyone working with optical in public institutions (universities and institutes) and temporary members that are students who should be involved in some kind of optical project.

Project focus and objective:

The primaries aims of this proposal are:

  1. To create a virtual machine with the main software for optical design where the members of the group can carry out their projects.
  2. To create webpage where the members of the group can post information and projects and papers related with optical designs, where one can launch calls for projects in order to attract students.
  3. To create a group of optical designers to give a support to IAG and IF groups in their research works. 
  4. To intensify international collaboration with other groups through the visit of national and international members to exchange experience and training.
  5. To enable students from different institutions to develop part of their work in other institutions.
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